I am 42 years old and have two amazing children, Kaiya (7) and Tamirat (5). I’m from Baltimore, where I received a BA in Political Science and Sociology from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. I came to Madison to earn a Master’s in Public Administration from the LaFollette Institute of Public Affairs. I also obtained a certificate in Energy Policy.

I currently serve as the Director of Wisconsin Job Service for the State of Wisconsin’s Department of Workforce Development (DWD), an agency that helps people find employment throughout Wisconsin. Formerly, I served as the state’s Employment Transportation Coordinator, where I created the award winning Wisconsin Employment Transportation Assistance Program (WETAP).

Before running for office, I co-founded the Wisconsin AIDS Ride (the ACT Ride) and have participated in ten multi-day AIDS fundraising rides. I also served as Dudgeon Monroe Neighborhood Association (DMNA) President, on the AIDS Network Board of Directors, and volunteered for numerous other causes and issues.

As alder, I’ve served on the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC), the Transit Parking Commission (TPC), the Community Service Commission (CSC), and the Allied Area Task Force.

When I’m not working, volunteering, or spending time with my beautiful children, I like cooking, traveling, and writing. I’ve authored a true crime book (Sequestered, Goblin Fern Press) and an Isthmus cover story against the death penalty (http://www.thedailypage.com/isthmus/article.php?article=4714) and numerous articles and blogs. I maintain two blogs and wish I had time to update them more frequently! Check them out at: http://solomadison.blogspot.com/ and http://progressivecogitation.blogspot.com/.



Alder Julia Kerr:  "I can't think of anyone that I'm more proud to have served with on the Madison City Council than my good friend Brian Solomon.  He is the person to keep District 10 and the City of Madison moving forward."

Diana Shinall, Director of Madison Apprenticeship Program: “If I were asked what are some traits that I think are important for District 10 alder, I would say the following: one who is respectful of all, one who is patient, one who has a vision, one who is present not just in name or title, and one who is a servant to those who have elected him to office. If I had to sum these traits into two words, they would be Brian Solomon. I’m proud to support his re-election.”

Alder Shiva Bidar Silaff: I’ve known Brian for 12 years and appreciate his values and principles. He’s a strong voice for equality and justice on the Council. Its an honor to work by his side and I strongly support his re-election.”



Authorized by Friends of Brian Solomon, Ken Golden, Treasurer