Dear neighbors, friends, and supporters:

It has been an amazing honor serving as your District 10 Alder for the last four years. For those of you who don’t know, I was very involved in our community and served as President of the Dudgeon Monroe Neighborhood Association (DMNA) before deciding to run for alder. I ran for one reason and one reason only: I wanted to make a difference in our community.

It has been an amazing four years and I’m very proud of the work I’ve done, the efforts I’ve led or supported, and the battles I’ve fought (yes, even the ones I’ve lost).

I am driven by progressive values, respect for others, integrity, and creating a more just and humane society. Madison remains one of the best cities in the world – it is beautiful, active, alive, and is full of engaged citizens. I have always believed it is the active involvement of our citizens that makes our neighborhoods, our community, and our city thrive.

I have enjoyed working with neighbors and activists throughout District 10 and the city to continue our mission: making Madison the best city in the world, for EVERYONE who calls it home.

Our District 10 neighborhoods are among the most diverse in the city. But we have shared concerns and shared goals. Transportation, public safety, clean water, effective land use, quality economic development and equal opportunity are among the biggest. Let’s keep working together to make Madison better AND to ensure that all its many voices are heard.

I hope to have your continued support,




Authorized by Friends of Brian Solomon, Ken Golden, Treasurer